Item: Race Car Numbers Set Vinyl Decals (2x) – Stock – Rally Car – no background color

Font: Select A or B

Color: – Select from; white, red, black, blue, yellow, green, silver

Size: – Select from 2 inches to 22 inches high

Number Choice: Select from 0 to 99

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All of our decals are made from sign grade vinyl, all our decals come with premask and are ready to install – they will last for several years if put on a clean surface.
We also include easy to follow installation instructions.

Shipping: Decals 6 inches and under will be shipped flat. Larger decals may be shipped rolled to make sure they arrive safely.

USPS tends to bend the decals if we do not ship the larger ones rolled this is the SAFEST way to ship any large decal. A rolled decal should be allowed to acclimate to the ambient temperature be for you try to install it.

This item is handmade by me, with its design originating from my own creativity in the USA

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