What’s in the kit:

2 ea Racing Decals with the Number Combination of your choice You can Select Up to 3 Numbers or Letters or a combination of them for each set.


If you select 14 as your numbers, you will get 2 sets of number 14 decals. If you select 27k you will get 2 sets of the decal that has a 27k on it.

So please make sure you enter the proper letter case as we will make them as entered.

If you select 99 then you will get 2 sets of the decal that has a 99 on it.

These decals have no background color they are a cut vinyl, so if the letter has a “white space” that will be the color of the item you are placing them on.

All of the decals will be the same color, numbers, and size. If you need a different combination you will need to order a separate set.

This is a 5 – 6 year calendared vinyl, if kept from harsh elements it could last longer.

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This item is handmade by me, with its design originating from my own creativity in the USA.

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